Morning Glory Restaurant
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Morning Glory Restaurant

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Authentic Hoi An Street Food specialities and family recipes

The Morning Glory Cooking School and Restaurant opened its doors in 2006. As Ms Vy’s fifth hospitality establishment, Morning Glory restaurant was the cumulative result of Ms Vy’s passion and vision to create a venue where visitors could not only enjoy a gourmet Vietnamese dining experience, but could also see local Hoi An food specialities made first-hand in the open kitchen. Located just across the street from Cargo Club on Nguyen Thai Hoc Street, Morning Glory has become the ‘not-to-be-missed’ dining experience for most visitors to Hoi An.

The restaurant and cooking school takes its name from the morning glory vegetable which, after rice, is the most commonly eaten food in Vietnam. One of the more appealing aspects of this edible plant is its resilience. It can grow in any kind of climate and from soil, mud or waterways. Its durable and flexible nature makes it symbolic in the eyes of Ms Vy, who views it as a representation of the Vietnamese character. It can survive—even thrive—in the harshest of conditions, growing into a beautiful green vegetable with a white star flower.

Popular Cooking School and Classes

Over the years, Ms Vy’s reputation as one of the country’s premier teaching chefs has grown and the Morning Glory Cooking School and Restaurant has flourished, although in 2013 the cooking classes were relocated to The Market Restaurant & Cooking School on nearby An Hoi Islet. To this day, the restaurant provides the most comprehensive and authentic menu of Hoi An street food specialties, home remedies and family recipes from Ms Vy. The Morning Glory menu and cooking class have been an inspiration to many visitors to Vietnam.

Vietnamese cuisine as a gourmet experience

“When I opened the Morning Glory Cooking School and Restaurant, it was a culmination of all my passions. It was a restaurant where people could see local specialities prepared up close, a venue where I could teach lessons in a proper classroom environment and had a menu that combined traditional Hoi An specialities with family recipes and my own creations. The dining atmosphere was also vastly different to Mermaid. While not too formal, people would dress up to come and dine together at Morning Glory like they did in Cargo Club and this was always one of my dreams; that Vietnamese cuisine would be taken as a serious, gourmet experience.”

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